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ProWalk Horse Walkers

ProWalk Manufacturing Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing the horse industry with the best quality system available for exercising. Using a unique drive system, the ProWalk Horse Walker combines power, durability, safety, and convenience for both the animal and trainer. Each part of the ProWalk Horse Walker system has been refined to meet the expectations that should be demanded of a quality product.

Our business at Alternate Elements is to provide customers with upto date information on ProWalk Horse Walkers and allow the purchase of these walkers online for delivery anywhere in the Continental USA. We have been selling ProWalk hot walkers since 2003 and we are the largest ProWalk dealer in the USA.

ProWalk Superior Walkers

Designed for the equine hobbyist or small horse farms, the Superior horse walker is available in lead shank or free style models. The Superior Walkers come with an electronic controller that provides variable speed (0 - 6.8 mph) and reverse. The drive system consists of a 1.0 HP motor and a standard gearbox with a belt drive. The Controller is completely pre-wired with a 55' wiring harness and requires a 110 VAC outlet (non-gfci). ProWalk provides a 5 year warranty on the chassis and one year on motor and gearbox.

ProWalk PRO Series Walkers

Specifically designed by ProWalk for the professional horseman. The ProWalk PRO Series 4 and 6 Horse Walkers have a Controller with variable speed (0-6.8 mph) and reverse, plus a heavy duty gearbox and a double belt drive system (except model PRO143HD). Overall diameter of 30' to 42'. Lifetime warranty on the chassis and three years on the motor, gearbox and controller. The Variable Speed Controller is completely pre-wired with a 55' wiring harness and only requires 110 VAC. Safety release cables are provided on each arm.

ProWalk Free Style Walkers

The professionals choice in Free Style Walkers. PRO Series models have a Controller with variable speed (0-12 mph) and reverse, plus a heavy duty gearbox and a double belt drive system. Overall diameter of 50 to 70 feet. Lifetime warranty on the chassis and 3 year warranty on the motor and gearbox. The variable speed controller is completely pre-wired with a 55' wiring harness. Models are available with Divider Gates and/or Inner and Outer round pen panels.

ATV / UTV Implements & Accessories

Tow Behind an ATV or Compact Tractor. Tine Harrows and Manure spreaders. Ground Drive (No PTO) - Simple to Operate. Pull 46-1/2" wide spreader right to stall, cut cleaning time by 50%. Drive to nearby field or pasture, spreading takes about a minute. No more wheelbarrow, manure piles or disposal costs!

Portable and Metal Buildings

Loafing Sheds, Equine Shelters, Garages, Carports and Greenhouses. Solve your storage needs with this great line of metal or portable buildings. From 8' x 8' up to 20' x 32' x 12' in size. Perfect for AG shelters, livestock, hay or feed. Need a covered spot for your tractor, truck, horsetrailer, or prized restored automobile? Check out our great selection!

Tractor AccessorieS

Great additions to your existing tractor or skid steer. Pallet Forks, Hitch Receivers, Bucket Toothbars, Bale Spears, Debris Forks and a Wood Post and Tree Puller. These Quick Attach Clamps will not harm your bucket.

Monthly Specials For February

SUP4 - Superior 4 Horse
$5,395.00  $4,495.00
Save: 17% off
SUP6 - Superior 6 Horse
$6,195.00  $5,195.00
Save: 16% off