Redstone Supply - Redstone Supply is a company passionate about the care and safety of horses. We aim to provide quality merchandise at affordable prices in order to provide every owner with an opportunity for a safe and attractive environment for their animals.

ProWalk Mfg. - Manufacturer of ProWalk Horse Walkers - Find used backhoes for sale, excavators, used dozers, and an assortment of construction equipment for sale at - Best Value Horse Walkers In The USA. Pro Series Manufactured By Prowalk. Five Models In The Pro Series With Lifetime Warranty. Preferred By Top Trainers Everywhere. - Prowalk Superior 4 Horse Walkers. Best Quality And Value In Hot Walkers Since 1984! Two Models With 5 Year Warranties. Basic safety on a mechanical hot walker includes having the horses under the supervision of a human at all times. - 6 Horse Walkers By ProWalk. Rugged extra heavy duty frame, head and arms. Lead Shank Walkers Plus Several Free Style Designs. We Service Any Machine We Have Built Since 1984. - Free Style Horse Walkers By ProWalk. Shipping And Returns Policy For Prowalk Horse Walkers available online. Uncompromised Quality And Designed For Maximum Safety Of The Horse. - Equine Excercisers Information by Prowalk Horse Walkers. Uncompromised Quality And Designed For Maximum Safety Of The Horse. Parts For Prowalk Walkers Always Available. - ProWalk Hot Walkers are in use at racetracks from coast to coast, by individual race and cutting horse trainers, as well as show and work horses. - ProWalk Horse Walkers. Mechanical horse walkers come in many designs, the most common consisting of four or six arms of heavy gauge steel radiating off from a central pivot point containing a motor to move the arms at various speeds. - World's Best Hot Walkers By ProWalk. The Best Value Horse Hot Walker In The USA. All of our products are hand made in our Oklahoma factory with a common sense design that assures years of trouble free service. - ProWalk Horse Walkers. The horses on the hot walker go in a circle, and the hot walker can be set to go in either direction. - For safety sake, if two instead of four horse are on the walker, to place them on opposite sides. Horse Walkers By ProWalk. Preferred By Top Horse Trainers Everywhere.